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The Best Gift for Your Man

gift for a man


It’s that time of year again.  Holiday Shopping…

The hustle and bustle of finding the right gift for the people that you love can be troubling. Hours spent fighting the crowds, looking and searching for just the right gift can undo the calmest of us all. Why go through all that drama if you can get the perfect gift in much less time? For all the men in your life, instead of struggling to find a new shirt he might not like, or a watch he may never use, why not buy something he can use all year? Something truly useful.

What could this amazing gift be?  It’s simple. Preventative Maintenance for his truck.  In a nutshell, MEN LOVE THEIR TRUCKS.  There have been proven studies that show men enjoy the reliability and the power that only their truck’s provide them.  In a recent study, it showed that 64% of truck owner felt that their trucks were a reflection of their own personality.  A man’s truck is his tool for hauling wood, transporting construction supplies, hunting, or even a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts.  If you see his truck, chances are he’s not far away.

Why Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance is the key to keeping a truck starting every time he turns the key.  Without it, at some point, the truck will fail to run.  Unfortunately, an oil change, flushing the radiator, adding new coolant, changing belts, clamps and hoses among other things are put off until it is too late.

Give all the men in your life the gift that will continue to give all year long.  Contact Scott’s Mobile Repair for a gift certificate this holiday season.    Scott’s Mobile Repair specializes in Light Weight, Medium, Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers.  They are all about trucks and provide the best care and service.

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Nasonville, RI 02830
Ph#   (401) 371-2677
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